“How do you stay connected while traveling Canada and USA?”

People ask us “How do you stay connected to the internet while traveling?” Anyone that knows us well realizes we are online alot. We sit across from each other with our laptops back to back everyday. We surf, watch videos, work on spreadsheets to track expences and create content. On top of that we have many systems in the coach using data as well, Like google home, Alexa, multiple cameras for security. A ring doorbell, etc. All of this eats up a lot of data.

When we first hit the road we expanded our Rogers cell plans to 100 gb a month each. Then added Canada/USA data on top of that. After only a few months we realized this is not enough. We actually had to disconect a lot of things just to stay within our data limits. If we went over we get throttled and everything slows down so much it is not even usable.

Then one day I saw a link for true unlimited, untrottled Canada/USA data. It seemed interesting and worth checking out. We decided to try it. after a very short trial period we decided it was a good fit for us. We reduced our Rogers cell plans to 65 gb each, which is the lowest you can go with rogers and still keep the Canada/USA plan. The savings from that downgrade covers the cost of the truly unlimited data in Canada and USA with no throttling. For more information click here and if you want to save 30 dollars when signing up use coupon code BPQ-EDU-235