Hey guys, today we’re going to resolve an issue we’re having with our front air conditioner. The sun comes up and it never shuts off, running all day until the sun goes back down. This is not great because the other air conditioners hardly get to do any work. We’re going to see if we can resolve this issue today and find a solution to make all the air conditioners work more efficiently. In the video by RVLivingLIFE, Gary explains how the front AC unit never shuts off when the sun is out, while the other two units barely come on. He shows the sensors in the coach and the one on the front wall that is causing the issue. He removes the sensor and records how quickly the temperature drops. By pulling the sensor out and letting it hang in the open air, the air conditioner temperature goes from 90 degrees to 79 degrees in just a few minutes, and it finally shuts off. Gary then experiments with different ways to keep the sensor out of the cabinet, allowing the other air conditioners in the coach to run more effectively. With a simple fix and a little ingenuity, he successfully resolves the issue.

Issue with the front AC unit

Front AC unit never shuts off during the day

One common issue that RV owners may face is the front AC unit never shutting off during the day. This can be quite inconvenient, as it leads to increased energy consumption and unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. Additionally, if the front AC unit is running constantly, the other AC units in the RV may not have the opportunity to operate as much, resulting in an imbalance in cooling throughout the coach.

Understanding the problem

To effectively address this issue, it is important to understand its underlying causes. In this case, the front of the coach has a lot of glass and windows, which leads to increased heat gain from the sun. Moreover, the cabinet that houses the temperature sensor for the front AC unit is located on an outside wall. On the other hand, the sensors for the other AC units are placed on inside walls. This difference in positioning can contribute to the front AC unit running constantly, as it may be more affected by the heat from the sun.

Removing the sensor

One potential solution to the problem is to remove the temperature sensor from its current location. By taking out the sensor, it is possible to observe how the temperature in the area changes and whether that influences the behavior of the AC unit. When the sensor is pulled out, it is likely that the temperature will drop significantly within a few minutes. This drop in temperature can be a positive sign, as it indicates that the air conditioner may shut off once the desired temperature level is reached.

Temporary fixing the issue

In the interim, while a more permanent solution is being sought, one way to alleviate the problem is to leave the sensor hanging in the open air. By doing so, it is possible to monitor the temperature drop and observe if the AC unit shuts off accordingly. Additionally, placing a wet Kleenex over the sensor can help prevent the hot air around the cabinet from affecting its reading. Although this solution may appear makeshift, it can be effective in addressing the issue temporarily.

Creating a better solution

To create a more long-term and reliable solution, it is recommended to use long screws and the center core of a dog bag roll to hold the sensor out from the cabinet. By attaching the sensor with longer screws, it can be positioned away from the hot cabinet and exposed to air in order to obtain more accurate temperature readings. Once the sensor is securely held in place, the hole from which it was removed can be covered with tape and Kleenex to prevent any unwanted air leakage.

Testing the solution

After implementing the solution, it is crucial to test its effectiveness. Firstly, it is important to visually inspect if the sensor looks inconspicuous and secure in its new position. This ensures that the solution is aesthetically pleasing and does not interfere with the overall appearance of the RV. Furthermore, it is necessary to observe if both the front and middle AC units turn on and off as expected. This ensures that there is a balanced cooling system and that the temperature remains at the desired level throughout the RV.


By resolving the issue with the front AC unit, RV owners can ensure the proper functioning of all AC units in their coach. Simple solutions, such as removing the sensor and creating a makeshift holder, can be surprisingly effective. Addressing this issue not only improves energy efficiency and reduces wear and tear on the AC units, but also enhances the overall comfort of the RV.