Micro-air Easystart 364 – Soft Start RV Air Conditioner, AC Soft Start, Soft Start for RV 115V A/C Motor, RV Accessories, 100-125VAC, 50-60 Hz

LOWERS POWER NEEDED TO START AC: Micro-air Easystart 364 supports 115V RV A/C motors (or 230V marine A/C motors). It can run two air conditioners on a 30-amp cord. (Each A/C should have its own EasyStart unit.) It can deliver 65-75% start current reduction as compared to a compressor’s LRA (locked-rotor amperage).
NO NEED FOR 2ND OR LARGER GENERATOR: It employs a self-optimizing 4-part start ramp sequence that results in the lowest possible start-up current. Compatible with a Honda 2200-watt generator, this RV soft start supports up to 18,000 BTUs. It can also be easily integrated into solar RV and marine applications. EasyStart soft start is a suitable solution for RVers with small- to medium-sized generators.
OTHER ATTRACTIVE FEATURES: Our soft start for RV air conditioners helps protect AC during RV park brownouts. Your easystart is equipped with side-angled “flag connectors” for attaching it to the run capacitor. This makes your easystart that much more easy to install!


Wish you could run your RV’s AC with only 1 Honda Generator? Now you can!

🌟 Only one 2200 watt (Honda) generator needed to run A/C – 13k-15k btu

🌟 Lowers power needed to start AC

🌟 You’ll save fuel running a single gen & money not needing 2nd or larger generator

🌟 GENERATOR & AIR CONDITIONER NOT INCLUDED – EasyStart 364 + install kit Only

NOTE – 120v model. We offer 240v & larger house models as well. -Just ask πŸ‘

β˜€ How does it work? β˜€

The Microair Easy Start 364’s microprocessor delivers the precise amount of power at the right time to get your a/c’s compressor going. Once the compressor starts your generator takes over & you have cold air on a single Honda generator.

🌟 Run (2) AC’s on a 30amp connection

🌟 Protects your AC during RV park brownouts

β˜€ Why a Honda generator? β˜€

Most other brand generators use a smaller 80cc engine in their 2000 watt class generators & boast the same or higher wattage outputs. Honda uses a larger 121cc engine in their 2200 that will ACTUALLY produce the power they claim. Don’t rely on the wattage sticker, check the engine size of the gen. 😊

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
🌑️ Genuine USA Made EasyStart 🌑️
🌑️ Starts RV AC with 1 Honda 2200 watt generator 🌑️
🌑️ Run 2 air conditions on 30amp connection 🌑️
🌑️ Wireless and Bluetooth capabilities 🌑️

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