Check out the magical musical light show with our LED Underglow light system for your 45-foot coach. Here’s how we installed it on our own coach.

To start, we used four underglow sets, but the great thing is that the brand we used allows you to control up to six sets using the same app. You can control them separately or together, which gives you a fantastic effect. If you only had one set, the result wouldn’t be as impressive. Having multiple sets working together allows for multiple colors to be shown simultaneously.

Keep in mind that a light show like this is not something we would typically do in a crowded campground. In those cases, we usually keep the underglow in a solid color like blue to avoid being obnoxious or annoying to our neighbors. However, if you’re in a more private campsite or boondocking, why not have some fun with lights and music for your own enjoyment?

By the way, did you see Lexi’s photobomb? It was hilarious!

We are currently working on the installation video, which will be our next release. Stay tuned for that!

Now, let’s talk about the items we used for installing the LED Underglow system on our coach:

Please Note: Any links we provide on social media could be affiliate links, where we may make a small commission if you purchase after using the link. This is at no expense to you. Thank you for your support! In RVLivingLIFE’s latest video, they showcase the installation of LED underglow lights on a 45-foot coach. The video demonstrates the process of using four underglow sets, which can be controlled separately or together through an app. Multiple sets allow for the display of various colors simultaneously, creating a visually appealing effect. While these vibrant lights are not typically used in crowded campgrounds to avoid being obnoxious, they can add an element of fun to more private campsites or boondocking experiences.

The installation video, currently in production, will be released soon. The materials used for the installation include an LED underglow kit, LED light extension cables, as well as various items for wire protection and securing. RVLivingLIFE’s video showcases the detailed installation process, from crawling underneath the coach to connecting the lines, to properly bundling and securing the wiring and cables. The LED underglow lights can be controlled using a mobile app, offering users the options of different colors and lighting effects.


Welcome to this comprehensive article on the installation of LED underglow lights on a 45-foot Coach. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of installing these lights, from planning to execution. We will also discuss different options for control and customization, as well as considerations for various campsites. Whether you’re a fan of the RVLivingLIFE YouTube channel or simply interested in adding some flair to your own coach, this article will provide all the information you need to get started. So let’s dive in!

Materials Needed

Before we begin, let’s gather all the necessary materials to complete this installation. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • LED underglow kit
  • LED light extension cables
  • Heat shrink wire connectors for battery connection
  • Large wire wrap for wire bundle
  • Wire loom for wire protection
  • U-shaped clamps to secure wires
  • Screws to secure the clamps

These items can be easily found online or at your local automotive supply store.


To provide some context, let’s briefly discuss the background of this LED underglow installation. RVLivingLIFE, a popular YouTube channel, created a video showcasing the installation of LED underglow lights on their 45-foot Coach. They ordered the underglow lights online from Amazon, which came in kits consisting of three-foot and four-foot long strips. The installation process took some time and effort, but the end result was well worth it.

Planning the Installation

Before diving into the installation process, it’s important to plan it out properly. Start by assessing your coach’s layout and determining the desired lighting effect. Consider which areas you want to highlight and how you want the lights to be positioned. Once you have a clear vision in mind, choose the appropriate underglow sets that will fit your coach’s dimensions and provide the desired lighting effect.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

Now, let’s go through the step-by-step process of installing the LED underglow lights on your coach.

  1. Prepare the work area: Start by clearing out any obstacles and creating a clean workspace.
  2. Remove the existing floor coverings: If necessary, remove any floor coverings to access the underside of the coach.
  3. Install the underglow lights: Begin attaching the underglow lights to the underside of the coach using adhesive backing or mounting brackets.
  4. Secure the lights: Ensure the lights are securely fastened using U-shaped clamps, screws, and zip ties. This will prevent any movement or damage while on the road.
  5. Connect the wires and cables: Connect the wires and cables from the underglow lights to the power source using heat shrink wire connectors. This will ensure a secure and reliable connection.
  6. Properly bundle and secure the wiring: Use a large wire wrap or wire loom to bundle and protect the wiring. This will prevent any damage or interference with other components of the coach.

Control and Customization

LED underglow lights often come with mobile app control, allowing you to change colors and lighting effects. Take advantage of this feature to customize the lighting according to your preferences. Experiment with different colors and effects to create the desired atmosphere inside and outside your coach.

Considerations for Various Campsites

It’s essential to consider the environment when using LED underglow lights in different campsites. In tightly packed campgrounds, it’s best to use solid colors, such as blue, to avoid being obnoxious or annoying to fellow campers. However, in more private campsites or during boondocking, you can have fun with lights and music to enhance your own enjoyment.

Challenges and Tips

While installing LED underglow lights can be a fun project, it does come with its challenges. One of the main challenges is crawling underneath the coach to connect the wires. This can be time-consuming and physically demanding. However, with patience and determination, it can be accomplished. Additionally, it’s important to allocate enough time for the installation process, as it may take longer than expected.


Congratulations! You have now learned how to install LED underglow lights on your coach. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with all the necessary information to complete the installation successfully. Remember to take your time, plan accordingly, and have fun with the customization options. Whether you’re using them in crowded campgrounds or enjoying a private campsite, LED underglow lights can add a touch of magic to your RVing experience. Stay tuned for the release of the RVLivingLIFE installation video for additional visual guidance.