Hey there! Welcome to “Happy Hour with Gary and Carol @RVLivingLIFE.” In this video, Gary and Carol are in Bronte Provincial Park in Canada. They share their plans to go to Palm Springs in the winter and Carol talks about her work at LCBO, the liquor store in Ontario. They discuss their upcoming trip to various destinations, including Mount Rushmore, Sedona, and Quartzsite. They also mention the repairs they have been working on in their RV and their experience of mowing the grass in their campsite. They stay in the park for 20 days at a time and then visit a winery for one night. They mention meeting a cowboy biker in Niagara Falls and the possibility of meeting up there. Carol also talks about her side job as a nanny. Their daughter and son will be joining them in December, and they have rented a cabin for two weeks. They are excited to experience California and invite others to join them. They discuss their friends with a similar RV and mention having dinner together in different locations. They share their experiences of visiting Mount Rushmore, the Needle Highway, Devil’s Tower, and various other attractions. They provide insights into different parks, such as Bronte Provincial Park, and talk about their plans to visit Milwaukee for repairs and to visit the Harley-Davidson Museum. They also discuss their travel plans to Oshkosh, Sturgeon Bay, Fargo, and the Northern Peninsula. They mention the challenges and conveniences of propane usage and staying in different locations like Walmart or Cracker Barrel. They touch on various topics, including gas prices, health insurance coverage, and their upcoming trip to Northern Ontario. The video wraps up with some miscellaneous topics and the hosts thanking viewers for joining them for happy hour.

Happy Hour with Gary and Carol @RVLivingLIFE

Setting and Plans

Welcome back to another Happy Hour with Gary and Carol from RVLivingLIFE! We are currently in the beautiful Bronte Provincial Park in Canada, enjoying the stunning views and peaceful surroundings. Our plans for the future include a winter trip to Palm Springs, where we can escape the cold and soak up the sun. We are excited about exploring new places and creating unforgettable memories along the way.

Repairing and Maintenance

In the past few weeks, we have been working on some necessary repairs and maintenance in our RV. As many of you know, owning an RV comes with its fair share of challenges, but we always try to stay on top of things and keep our rig in the best possible condition. We recently had to fix a leak in the basement, repair the floor, and tackle some plumbing issues. It took some effort, but we are proud to say that everything is now working smoothly, and we can focus on enjoying our travels without any worries.

Working and Side Jobs

While living the RV lifestyle, we also have to make a living. Carol is currently working at LCBO, the liquor store in Ontario, during the summer. It’s a fun and fulfilling job that allows her to interact with people and learn about different types of alcohol. In addition to her regular job, Carol also works as a nanny, which gives her the opportunity to spend time with children and make a positive impact in their lives. We believe in finding ways to support ourselves while still enjoying the freedom and flexibility that RV living offers.

Upcoming Trip to California

One of our exciting upcoming trips is to California! We have planned various stops along the way, such as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, Sedona, and Quartzsite. Although we haven’t finalized all the details yet, we are looking forward to exploring these incredible destinations and experiencing the natural beauty they have to offer. We will be traveling with our children in December, renting a cabin and spending two weeks in California. It will be their first time visiting, and we can’t wait to share this adventure with them.

Dinner with Friends

One of the highlights of our RV journey is the opportunity to meet and connect with fellow RVers and make lifelong friends. We have been fortunate enough to meet another couple who also have an RV that is similar to ours. We recently had dinner together and enjoyed each other’s company. Sometimes, we would have our meals in someone’s yard or campsite, adding an extra touch of camaraderie. These gatherings usually take place around 5pm and we all head back to our homes around 6:30pm. It’s a wonderful way to bond and share stories of our travels.

Places of Interest

During our dinner conversation, we discussed various places of interest that we have visited or plan to visit. One attraction that impressed us was Mount Rushmore. It is truly awe-inspiring both from a distance and up close. We also heard about the Crazy Horse Memorial, but we were informed that it may not be worth visiting yet. Another stunning location we mentioned is the Needle Highway, which presents a unique challenge while driving. We recalled a memorable trip to Aurora, Ontario, where we purchased a Jeep Trailhawk. Additionally, we chatted about Devil’s Tower, known for its connection to the movie Close Encounters, and the excitement of filming the Needles Highway. There is also a narrow one-mile drive in a park in Thousand Trails, Arizona, that offers a thrilling experience.

National and State Parks

As avid lovers of nature, we can’t help but appreciate the beauty of national and state parks. One park that caught our interest is Bronte Provincial Park, where we are currently staying. It offers stunning views and peaceful surroundings, making it an ideal spot for relaxation. We also discussed the booking process for national or state parks and the challenges of securing a 50 amp service. Nonetheless, we always make an effort to explore these parks and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

Niagara Falls and Surrounding Attractions

We are fortunate to be close to Niagara Falls, a world-renowned natural wonder. We mentioned various attractions, such as the famous tunnel behind the falls and the thrilling ferry ride. We also talked about Hell’s Gate and its cable car, as well as speed boat rides in the river. The area surrounding Niagara Falls is filled with touristy activities, museums, wax museums, and restaurants, making it a perfect destination for both entertainment and natural beauty.

Discussion with New Viewer

During our live session, we had the pleasure of welcoming a new viewer named Thomas. We invited him to share his location and travel experiences, and it was delightful to exchange stories and connect with someone new. We always enjoy engaging with our viewers and hearing about their adventures on the road.

RV Tips and Maintenance

Maintaining an RV and keeping it in top shape is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable journey. Throughout our video, we shared some of the repairs and maintenance work we have done on our own rig. We also discussed the challenges of propane usage and the convenience of Extended Stay propane. From dealing with bedroom slide issues to planning a visit to Milwaukee for repairs and a trip to the Harley-Davidson Museum, we strive to keep our RV in excellent condition while enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Travel Plans and Locations

As full-time RVers, we always have a list of travel plans and potential locations to visit. We mentioned our upcoming trips to Oshkosh, Sturgeon Bay, Fargo, and the Northern Peninsula. Each destination offers unique attractions and beautiful scenery that we can’t wait to explore. We also mentioned the Thousand Trails campground in Illinois, with its numerous sites, and the joy of staying at Walmart or Cracker Barrel during our travels.

Gas Prices and Camping Spots

Fuel is one of the major expenses when traveling by RV, and gas prices can vary greatly depending on the location. We talked about the high gas prices in Canada, as well as the expensive rates in Illinois compared to other states. However, we found that gas prices were more affordable in Pahrump, near the California border. We also discussed the crowded nature of the Thousand Trails park in Vegas and the spacious lots in Trails Collection in Illinois. Lastly, we touched on the benefits of spending the summer in a smaller park to explore the area and enjoy the peacefulness and friendliness of the people around.


As we wrapped up our Happy Hour session, we expressed our excitement for the upcoming Memorial Day and the opportunity to honor those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. We also shared our plans to visit family in Northern Ontario before heading south in October. The weather in Milwaukee was mentioned, and we discussed the temperatures during the day and night, as well as the use of propane and electric heaters to keep warm. We talked about the convenience of Walmart and Cracker Barrel as overnight stays and the ability to find maps of Walmart locations across the country. Our conversation ended with fun anecdotes and a reminder to always enjoy the little moments and adventures that RV life has to offer.